See Prorisc 2018

Call for posters - presentations

Submission guidelines

We expect all PhD students to submit their abstracts for their posters. The goal of PRORISC is to interact with each other so, even if you just started PhD and have no results yet, then just describe your problem definition and motivation of your research. Let them know who you are and what you work on. Thats the goal!

Submission deadline is May 7, 2018, May 14, 23.59 CET

The abstracts will be evaluated by the programme committee with two possible outcomes :

(1) poster presentation

(2) oral + poster presentation.

Notification if you are selected for an oral + poster presentation: May 14, 2018, Soon after May 14

Note: There will be no proceedings nor any publications on-line. Students may present already published work but can also feel safe to share their initial ideas without publishing them officially. Just bring your poster to the event.